Emerging Markets

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Rock Creek’s emerging market investments are managed by an experienced team that has been investing in emerging and frontier markets since the 1980’s. We believe that persistent structural inefficiencies in developing markets yield unique opportunities to achieve consistent alpha. Our strategy combines a top-down approach of identifying the most compelling opportunities across geographies and sectors with a bottom-up approach of investing in stocks that benefit from the long-term growth in local markets. Rock Creek's emerging market strategy has a relatively low overlap with the MSCI Emerging Markets Index and typically includes higher allocations to mid-cap and small-cap stocks. Our team also has extensive experience investing outside of the BRIC markets as well as in frontier markets. We are frequently meeting with renowned investors, policymakers, economists, and strategists to refine our macroeconomic views on countries around the world, sectors, and investment themes. Our local investment teams thrive in the markets in which they invest to source investment opportunities in their countries. We believe that emerging markets are rich with opportunity for investors across a variety of asset classes and strategies. Rock Creek’s unique knowledge and experience in emerging markets positions our firm to successfully capitalize on these opportunities.