Hedge Fund Solutions

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Rock Creek offers a range of investment solutions designed to protect our investors’ capital while targeting attractive risk adjusted returns. These range from customized managed accounts, designed to meet highly specific objectives and requirements, to turn-key commingled solutions that provide access to robust portfolios of talented investment managers. Rock Creek has experience working with, and access to, both established and rising new managers and invests across developed as well as emerging markets.

Customized Managed Accounts

We understand the unique sets of challenges faced by institutional investors, which is why we excel at providing carefully tailored solutions for them. We offer customized separate accounts designed to each client’s requirements, drawing on Rock Creek’s unparalleled, comprehensive investment process performed globally and across asset classes.

Commingled Funds

Rock Creek provides commingled funds constructed to meet the diverse needs of institutional investors through a variety of strategies. These investment offerings range from highly diversified portfolios to more concentrated portfolios that emphasize specific strategy types or geographies, including long-short equity, credit, and fixed income, as well as emerging markets.

Emerging Managers

We have an established program of investing in emerging investment managers. These often previously undiscovered managers are able to invest in less crowded opportunities that may have been passed over by their more established peers. They provide investors with compelling differentiated returns, in part, because they are often more nimble and able to adjust exposures as market dynamics change. We have proven ourselves adept in identifying such promising new talent, thanks to our experienced research team and wide network of contacts. Especially because of our respect for diversity, we have extensive experience working closely with women- and minority-owned firms.

Defined Contribution Plan Solutions

Rock Creek offers solutions for defined contribution plans, providing compelling investment opportunities and diversification benefits not typically available to plan participants through either direct investment choices or target date funds. We recognize that defined contribution plan sponsors seek customized approaches tailored to fit the needs of their plan participants. Rock Creek constructs portfolios that enable sponsors to offer asset classes and strategies which have historically proven difficult to incorporate into defined contribution plans, such as global macro and long-short equity. Rock Creek constructs multi-manager portfolios that satisfy plan requirements in all respects, including portfolio composition, transparency, liquidity, rebalancing, reporting, and communication.