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The Rock Creek Group is a leading, highly respected global investment and advisory firm that provides our investors with solutions to achieve their return and risk objectives. We are trusted by endowments, foundations, corporate and public pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and other institutional investors to preserve and expand their assets, which support retired people and future generations, as well as revered charitable institutions, universities and colleges.

Rock Creek grounds our service to clients on a culture of strong strategic partnership and rigorous process, and also on an advanced analytic platform of our own design – Rock Creek Solutions – that facilitates successful and well-documented investment decisions. Our team members have a long history of investing in traditional and alternative asset classes. Rock Creek is a leader in identifying new talent among emerging managers. We have substantial experience over our careers investing in emerging and frontier markets since the 1980’s. In close collaboration with clients, Rock Creek constructs portfolios to meet their specific requirements that incorporate both top-down asset allocation judgments and careful selection of investments.

With decades of financial market experience, the Rock Creek team brings to these decisions the broad perspective of globally diverse professionals trained in major investment-related fields. Our team is dedicated to our clients and the discipline of investing and we share a deep conviction that able, energetic, and principled professionals can achieve outstanding results.